Raising Baby/Babies

DO NOT give baby dairy products or honey before one year of age.
Common allergies include nuts, citrus and dairy products (including eggs).

Months 0 – 3
Breastmilk or Infant Formula only.

Months 4 – 5
Start introducing Pablum (Infant cereals). Rice cereal is preferable to start with. Once baby has taken to that, start introducing oat cereal as well.

One way to introduce Pablum is to mix a small amount with formula/breast milk in one bottle a day. Most parents mix it with the night time bottle to help baby sleep for longer stretches between night time feedings.

Months 6 – 8
Between 6-8 months, your baby may be ready to drink other liquids from a Sippy cup. DO NOT give baby cow's milk (or anything besides breast milk/formula before 1 year of age).

If offering your child fruit juice, ensure it is 100% pure, unsweetened and pasteurized juice, and not a fruit drink. Dilute the juice with at least 50% water.

Giving plain water is preferable to juice, because juice is not essential for baby's nutritional needs. Serve these other beverages in a Sippy cup only, not a bottle (bottles should be for breast milk/formula only), and do not offer baby more than a ¼ cup of other beverages a day.

At this time Baby Food can be introduced to your baby. If preparing the food yourself, be sure to steam fruits and vegetables as this method retains the most nutrients. Baby Food must be finely pureed.

Start with single flavour foods only, it is less overwhelming for baby (and makes it easier to identify possible food allergies). Once baby is accustomed to this, you may introduce mixed flavours. Refrigerated leftovers must be consumed within 2 days.

Carrots, squash, sweet potatoes (yams), wax beans, green beans and zucchinis are all recommended first vegetables. After 2 weeks of vegetables, you can begin introducing fruits like apples, pears, and peaches that are steamed and pureed. Bananas can simply be peeled and mashed. If you buy canned fruits, be sure to get products that are packed in water or their own juice. Syrup contains too much sugar.

After 7 months of age, cooked and puréed lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, beef and veal can be introduced along with other protein sources such as mashed tofu and legumes.

Months 9 – 12
Start with dry toast or unsalted crackers. After baby tolerates these with ease; unsweetened cereal (Cheerios), pasta, rice, bread, bagels and plain muffins can be introduced. Break breads, bagels, etc into baby sized bites.